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Houston Boat Show

Houston Fishing Show

About Captain Jim Hampton


He started fishing when he was 3 years old.  He followed his grandfather all over southwest Louisiana fishing for perch, bass, crappie, speckled trout and redfish.  If his grandfather had free time, he was fishing and Jim tagged along with him.  


Throughout his teenage years, he fished the upper end of Galveston Bay.  After high school, he enlisted in the United States Marine Corps.


When he returned from military service, he began fishing bass tournaments on lakes throughout Texas.  In 1995 he started fishing trout and redfish tournaments, as well as offshore tournaments.  He still fishes today.


He spent 45 years in the construction business and retired in 2014.  After retirement he started JH Custom Performance Rods.


Each rod has been designed for fishermen.  The rods are light, durable and sensitive, which is what every fisherman is looking for.  In every case, the prototypes for each rod are tested by anglers.  Both the spinning models and bait cast models are made of the same superior components, and will meet any of your inshore fishing needs.


Special thanks to all my friends and fishing associates for the encouragement, support and knowledge they have shared throughout this endeavor.


I have spoken with many fishing guides, tournament anglers, and personal friends about what they want and need in a good rod.  


We have built a rod that anyone can fish, whether it be a novice just starting out or a tournament pro.  They will be confident and satisfied with these rods. 


Our goal is to provide top quality durable fishing rods at a reasonable price.

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