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About Captain Jim Hampton

  1. Butt caps are by Winn rod grips

  2. All rod blanks are a custom blend of the best graphite’s on the market. They are manufactured to a specific length, weight, sensitivity and back bone of each rod.

  3. The handles area split grip type made of a super grade cork, with a high density cork composite trim and a Winn butt cap at the bottom of each rod

  4. The eyes are a medium heavy, black frame stainless steel with a double foot. The eyes are extra strong, durable with braided line proof.  The eyes are built for the use of braid or mono, so you can use which ever type of fishing line you prefer.

He started fishing when he was big enough not to have diapers. He followed his grandfather all over South West Louisiana fishing for perch, bass, crappie, speckled trout, and redfish. If his grandfather had free time, he was fishing and Jim tagged along with him. After high school, he went into the Marine Corps.

Each and every rod have been designed by fishermen for fishermen. The rods are light, durable, and sensitive, which is what every fisherman is looking for. In every case, the proto types for each rod has been fished with and asked to push the rods to the limits. Case in point, Mellissa Saucier, using the 6-9 med lite caught a 32-inch redfish in the middle of Galveston bay (her picture is featured on the website). These rods are great for catching fish on top of the waters and tails, and also have the back bone to get your fish to the net without any problems. Both the spinning models and the bait cast models are made of the same superior components, and will hold up to any of your inshore fishing needs.

"I would like to give a special thanks to all my friends and fishing associates for the encouragement, support and knowledge they all have given me through this endeavor. I have talked to many fishing guides, tournament anglers, and personal friends about what they want and need in a good rod. This is what we have tried to do: build a rod that anyone who fishes with it, whether it be a novice just starting out or a tournament pro, they will be confident and satisfied completely with these rods.

J H Custom Performance Rods goal is to give top quality durable fishing rods to the fishermen at a reasonable price."


Jim Hampton

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